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Men's Cursillo Weekend
February 10-13, 2022
Rector:  John Richards, Co-rector:  Steve Tozer 
Women's Cursillo Weekend
February 24-27, 2022
Rector:  Pauline Viall, Co-rector:  Kathleen Fischer

Is Cursillo for Me?

  • Are you 21 or older?

  • Are you able to receive the Sacraments of the Catholic Church?

  • Do you have or desire to have a personal relationship with Christ?

  • Are you willing and able to commit three days to attend a Cursillo Weekend


If your answer to these questions is YES, then Cursillo IS FOR YOU!  The experience of the Cursillo Weekend is something that has to be experienced!  And everyone’s experience is different.  The beauty is that God takes you wherever you are in your faith walk and gently helps you grow.

To make a Cursillo Weekend, you must have a sponsor.  Your sponsor will explain what the Weekend is about and answer any questions you may have.  Your sponsor also helps you through the application process and will help arrange financial assistance should you need it.

IF YOU HAVE A SPONSOR, great!  He or she will help you complete the Candidate Application.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A SPONSOR, no problem!  Click on the I Need A Sponsor button and someone will get in touch with you.

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