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Make a Friend.

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Cursillos in Christianity is a Movement which, by its own Method, attempts from within the Church, to give life to the essential Christian truths in the singularity, originality, and creativity of the person. Learn more by viewing our video, and/or by clicking the arrow below.

The spirit of the living Christ is renewed, examined and enjoyed in the Cursillo. During the Cursillo weekend basic Christian beliefs and truths are reviewed. The weekend is the first introduction for many people to the power of genuine Christian community. To read more about attending a Cursillo Weekend, click the arrow below.

The Ultreya is sharing and communicating our common faith. It is the life of the Christian in harmony with the life of grace, which enlivens all of our daily life.

The Diocese of Gaylord currently has 8 regional Ultreyas. Click the arrow to locate an Ultreya near you. 

TEC stands for


It is a three-day experience in Christian living specifically designed for young people who are searching for goals, for acceptance, for meaning, for community, for values, and most especially, for God. For more information, click the arrow below.

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